Motivation for starting the journey

Tony, Anthony and Khoa are Directors of Aid Asia Initiative.  Khoa’s family originated in Vietnam where his father, Khai grew up with six siblings in a remote village, south of Vietnam called ‘My Long’.

After the Vietnam War ended in 1976 and as a grown and married man, Khai sold everything he had for a spot on an illegal fishing boat to start a better life in Australia. During the near fatal journey and thanks to a fishing boat, Khai was one of the lucky ones who was able to make his way to a refugee camp in Thailand where he was eventually allowed entry into Australia.

Khoa in the meantime was born in the remote village, not realising that his father had risked everything for his mother, brother and himself.  It wasn’t until 4 years later when Khai was able to settle himself in Australia that Khoa finally met his father in the country they now call home.

The fact that Khoa’s life could have been completely different if his father had not risked his life, is something that Khoa has kept close to his heart throughout his life.  Thanks to his father, Khoa has now grown up to be an accomplished individual, grateful to be an Australian and whose goal is to now to help those live a life free of sheer desperation, poverty and with the opportunity to build a better life for themselves.

Along with Anthony Smith and Tony Corcoran, Aid Asia Initiative was established.

Family photographs in Vietnam