Get Involved and Volunteer

We are all born with a desire to contribute; to make things better for those less fortunate than ourselves. The problem is that a lot of us see poverty and many of us see it on a daily basis. We may walk past someone living in poverty and when we see it, our hearts go out to that individual and at that very moment, we want to do something to help.

The issue is that poverty is so vast in this world, making it overwhelming to many. For this reason and along with the fact that there is no way that a single individual can help everyone in this world, most will instead decide to help no one.

At Aid Asia Initiative, we are taking it one initiative at a time by working on our own projects as well as working with other charitable organisations in order to help poverty stricken communities and people who are in desperate need. We know that our targeted efforts may not immediately change the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), but it certainly changes the lives of those whom we are able to help in a significant manner.

If you would like to join our journey and to help with our cause in any way then we would love to hear from you! We are always looking for people to help out with our fundraising events and to expand our Initiative Asia’s family. Below are some images from our prior events and so if you would like to volunteer your support for our upcoming events, please send us a message through our contact us page or via email at

Not only will you be helping those who are in need, but we guarantee that you will also have a great time doing it!

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