Our Logo And What It Represents …

Aid Asia Initiative has recently undergone a face lift and with it, a new logo. Our new logo is a play on the lotus flower which is native to Asia and is also the national flower of Vietnam. Our organization’s focus is to help children within rural communities by providing them with the opportunity to attend schooling in order to advance their education and training. We have chosen the symbolic lotus flower as it culturally depicts Vietnam which is the part of the world with which we have the strongest connection with due to our family history and heritage.

We have colored our distinctive lotus logo in red, as red within the Asian culture symbolizes good fortune, joy, luck, and happiness. The lotus flower in itself represents purity, elegance and beauty. The combination of the red lotus flower to us emanates everything that is good in the world. It is difficult to have a happy and joyful life when you are living in poverty and so our logo stands for everything that we try to bring to the people we assist.

Just like the lotus,

We too have the ability to rise from the mud,

Bloom out of the darkness and radiate into the world.