Meet Our Team

Our 2022 progress

Fundraising and donations  10%

Volunteer base expansion 60%

 Information technology development 50%

 Organisation development and connections 40%

 Board duties and due diligence  100%

Our Philosophy

Appreciation, love and hope was the inspiration behind starting Initiative Asia.

Our vision is founded on our unwavering and ingrained principles. We observe the highest standards of ethical conduct and respect for all cultures. We believe in a collaborative and caring culture with serious intent on achieving the best outcome. We believe that innovation, through design-based thinking is imperative in ensuring the most impactful solutions. We believe technology can be a powerful tool that opens exciting opportunities. As Winston Churchill once said – You make a living by what you get, you make a life by what you give.

Our Mision

Initiative Asia was founded in August 2012 with the aim of reducing poverty in Vietnam, with a long term view of providing assistance to other Asian countries.

Our first initiative is to address one of the key barriers to breaking the poverty cycle – Education. As such, our first mission statement is to “ensure families in rural and remote communities have equitable access and a means to education” Poverty-stricken families, particularly in rural and remote areas are by and large outside the safety net of the government. They know that they cannot afford education, and we know that they cannot hope to earn enough to overcome poverty without education.

Meet The Team

Khoa Le


Khoa’s work with Aid Asia Initiative allows him to combine his business savviness with his desire to make a difference.

Formerly an economist with Australia’s Department of the Treasury, Khoa is not only adept at applying economic modeling, statistical and actuarial techniques to real-world situations but is also attuned to the political and economic contexts within which the work of our organization takes place.

Previously with Access Economics and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Khoa offers substantial leadership, strategy, and analytical proficiency to our work.

Khoa is aso currently the CEO of Eyes of AI™.


Anthony Smith


Anthony is a Chartered Accountant bringing over two decades of experience in the accounting profession.

Anthony is currently the Sydney Managing Partner for RSM Australia

Formerly, Anthony was CFO for the family enterprises of David Clarke AO, former Chairman and co-founder of Macquarie Group. The Clarke family enterprises included the wine brands Poole’s Rock and Cockfighters Ghost as well as hospitality and event promotion enterprises.

Anthony offers substantial leadership as well as ensuring that the company complies with statutory obligations related to keeping financial records and financial reporting.


Tony Corcoran


As a commercial lawyer with domestic and international experience in some of the world’s leading private sector companies, Tony brings outstanding experience to his role as Director of Initiative’s corporate affairs.

Tony has held various senior legal roles the most recent being General Counsel of the Banking and Financial Services Group at Macquarie Bank Limited and previously he was based in Hong Kong for 8 years and led the APAC legal teams for major banks (ABN AMRO and RBS).

He uses his substantial private sector experience in leading the organization’s corporate affairs, including fundraising and program planning.