Initiatives And Commitments

Aid Asia Initiative is a non for profit charitable organization which was established solely for the purpose of helping people in need in rural and remote parts of Asia. We have commenced work in a rural village in Vietnam known as Kien Giang by supporting and providing education and funding to classrooms and children in the village.

Our belief is that education can go a long way and that it in itself is extremely valuable for generations to come. By giving these children a chance at education, we are giving them the power to make a difference in their own lives which can lead to self-belief and empowerment. Children who live in poverty do not have the luxury to live their dreams as they have grown up in an environment where they have to fight every day to survive and make it through to the next day. Generally, every day is a struggle as they continue with their farming and other labor intensive jobs.

Aid Asia Initiative aims to make a difference by providing these children with the power of knowledge.

Focus On Education

We have commenced our work in the village of Kien Giang by providing funding to schools to provide free education for the children of the community. Our initiative is to expand on this and to open up more classes and schooling systems for other rural communities within the area. We also aim to provide top students with scholarships to further their education and provide them with a better chance at life.

Current Initiatives

Education and financial assistance in Huong Phuong, Vietnam

Aid Asia Initiative collaborated with local and an international charity to deliver education and financial support to an orphanage in Huong Phuong, Vietnam.
Our donations were used to purchase sustainable goods including 100 ducks, 20 chickens, and 2 cows for the farm and surrounding communities. Members of the Aid Asia Initiative were on hand to personally meet with locals and to participate in traditional events.

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Education and scholarship program in Kien Giang, Vietnam

Aid Asia Initiative, through a corporate awareness campaign, was able to deliver educational material to the village of Kien Giang, Vietnam which included laptops and sporting equipment. Our donations were used to fund teacher’s salaries and to set up an educational scholarship program.

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