Meet the children

Meet the children

These are some of the children from ___ school whom Aid Asia have been able to support for the past few years. Without our support, they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to undertake schooling due to life’s hardship’s which have been inflicted upon them and their family.

Schooling; something that most of us take for granted is in fact something which is quite precious to these children as it is extremely difficult for them to attain education within their rural community. Most families not only expect but require their children to help out with the family business which is more likely than not; labour intensive. Families within these poverty stricken towns do not have the luxury of affording things such as education for their children and can only worry about making sure that they can supply enough food and water to them which can only be done by working everyday around the clock.

Since the start of our program, these children have been able to attain free education and their responses toward education has been extremely positive. They love being able to sit in a class room with other children and to be able to learn from their teachers. There has been a clear change in terms of their mentality and thought processes. They now have the belief that they are worth more in this world and are striving to pave out a better future for themselves.

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