How to survive

How to survive

Families in this rural town are forced to make do with what they have at hand, which to be frank is unfortunately not much.

They live mostly off their land by farming their own produce and selling it at the market for money. They don’t have access to modern technology which we all take for granted and so everything is extremely labour intensive and time consuming however their efforts don’t produce much profit; just barely enough for them to survive.

We all know that parents only want the best for their children but in some circumstances, it can be quite difficult to give your child the world when you don’t have the means to do so, like those of the ____ town.

In the Asian culture, the parents will always want their child to be able to have a better life than the one that they had; especially if the parents had it tough. Some families are able to get out of poverty however it is extremely difficult to do so in rural communities  such as this.

We acknowledge the fact that we were a part of the lucky minority who were able to escape the poverty life and so our goal is to give back and help those who were less fortunate as much as possible. Something as little as $5 can mean the world to these families when the same $5 would barely cover a lunch for us in the first world countries.

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